Our Story

How We Started

Georgia Soap Co. was originally founded as EarthBaby Soap Co. in 2009 (see video above) in Columbus, Georgia by Kevin and Bonnie Reherman when our daughter (“The Original EarthBaby”) had developed a bad case of eczema.

Bonnie researched the ingredients that went into the soap that we were using on our daughter and found out it contained many harmful ingredients.  We also found out that many other soaps on the market had also contained harmful ingredients.  Even the soap companies who claimed to be “All Natural.”

Bonnie began experimenting with her own recipes for soap without the harmful ingredients by using truly all natural quality ingredients.

After trial and error, Bonnie developed a natural soap that was healthy and did not contain the harmful chemicals. Our family started using the soap and our daughter’s eczema went away.  Of course, we cannot make any medical claims, but we have so many success stories and so many testimonies.
We started giving our natural soap to our friends and they loved it too!

“Doing The Right Thing”

We knew we had special products – our family and friends loved them so much. We saw with our own eyes how they helped clear up our daughter’s eczema. We knew what it was like to have skin problems and wanted to help others.
We wanted to be different, innovative and make a statement by being a company that operated by the concept of “doing the right thing.” When our daughter had eczema, other companies were telling us that they were “all natural” but found out that wasn’t true – it was all about making the sale at any cost. We weren’t going to be that company.

To us, being a company that operates by the concept of “doing the right thing” means to be a company that our customers can trust, feel good, have fun, smile and be proud of.  It also meant to always treat and respect our customers the way that we would like to treated.


We started calling our customers “EarthBabies” because “customers” did not sound special enough. When you purchase something from a company that does not treat you right, you are still a customer. “EarthBabies” was a name that we could differentiate ourselves. “EarthBabies” are special to us and are individuals who we want to take great care of. Call it corny, but it’s true.


If we were going to start this company, we had to commit to these values. We committed and EarthBaby Soap Co. was born.

There Is SOOO Much More About Us…

In 2015, we changed and trademarked our name to Georgia Soap Company (aka Georgia Soap Co.).

There is so much more about us. How hard and dedicated we work, the sacrifices that are made, the support from our family, friends, community and our EarthBabies that you all can be proud of, that was created for you!

We will come back periodically and add more about us, it is really amazing how we started based on our daughter from nothing and where we are today that we hope to grow more in the future…however, our products are still handcrafted so it’s back to making product!

Thank you so much for your business!
Your friends, Georgia Soap Co.
Georgia Soap Company